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SmartCaller convert free Inclusive minutes into 200+ Favourite International Call Destinations Absolutely FREE.

SmartCaller practically providing Free Global Calling with Crystal Clear HD Voice

via below 3 simple steps.


Check your Landline/Mobile
provider if you get inclusive
calls to 0870 numbers.
(List given below)
Dial any of our 0870
Access numbers:

0870 042 5050 0870 042 5555
Simply enter your destination
number and press #

ONE CLICK CALL: Save favourite number in your phone (Landline/ iPhone/ Samsung) in given format 08700425555,00123456789# and it will be Direct International Dialing. Similar method applied to other phones/android etc check our FAQ’s section for further information.

NOTE: If 0870 numbers are not inclusive in your tariff then it will cost you 13 pence per minute + your phone provider’s access charge.

We specialize in inbound telecoms

and hosted solutions


Inbound Numbers

It is important to use the right type of number for your business. From freephone 0800 numbers to increase sales

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We offer a range of VoIP Packages to suit any size of business, from start ups to established SME's.

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Inbound Solutions

We go out of our way to provide market leading call management services that are both competitive on price

Business Only Connectivity

We handle connectivity solutions for clients across the UK, with varying installations based on the demands of the business.

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Make huge savings on international calls

Top Countries Local Phone Skype Save
Pakistan 1.5p 5.7p 74%
Germany 0.6p 1.4p 64%
USA 0.5p 1.4p 71%
Spain 0.9p 1.8p 43%
Bangladesh 1.9p 2.2p 18%

SmartCaller is smart use of your inclusive minutes to make Free International Calls!

International calling for free to your loved ones by smart use of your inclusive minutes. Good news, with our service you can now call your Friends, Family & relatives or a long lost friend that you haven’t spoken to in a decade for FREE.

SmartCaller 4 Savvy & SmartPeople!

No accounts to sign up
No Debit or Credit card details required
No personal information required
No internet (Mobile Data or WIFI) required
Just dial our 0870 Access numbers and talk for FREE

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Popular Destinations

  • Pakistan
  • Germany
  • USA
  • Spain
  • Bangladesh

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  • USA 244 Fifth Avenue, New York NY 10001
  • Phone: 19146629749
  • Fax: 234234234
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